The Beast Battle Event

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Event Main-room for Senju Eventfight Senju-Beast

Battle Uchiha Beast / Battle Uzumaki Beast / Battle Senju Beast

Basically its same event for different clans to attend.12.59-13.30 time in game (Chicago GMT-6) or 19.59-20.30 GMT (Europe time).

You need to kill one of the following beasts Manda, Cerberus, Salamanders which have the name of the strongest clan ninja in arena (for example Naruto is rank 2 in arena and he is uzumaki clan, but rank 1 is from sennin, so it will be called (dehumanized)Naruto) by attacking the beast for 30min or until death.

  • You will get silver based on damage done in percent
  • Beast cannot be dodged or stunned. Every time Beast is killed he will gain more hp and stats, if he won't be killed in 30min(till the end of the event) hp and stats will regenerate back for next day.
  • If your clan beast is killed, you can join in in the other clan beast fights, until either the time expires or all three beasts are killed.
  • You must be in a Guild in order to be entered into the event.
  • All Beast's stay on 10k Speed


Uchiha Clan
Cerb battle


Senju Clan
Salamanders 01


Uzumaki Clan
Manda battle