Location master&slave

Master and Slave


Players can become other player´s master by putting them on slavery.

If you are the master, you can have up to 3 slaves.

To capture other players, first you need to defeat them in arena.

If a player you are trying to capture is a master, first you recapture his slaves(basically you becoming their master instead of the defeated player).

Slaves gives you exp every second for 24.00 h (or until they have been recaptured, resisted or rescued) which can be obtained(extracted) at any time.

You have 6 daily interactions which you can use to gain exp by interacting with slaves or your master. Also, if you are a member of a guild, you can rescue other guild members who are slaves by attacking their masters. If you are defeated, the member still stays as a slave, and if you win, the member is freed.

Slave interact

you can use 4 functions on slaves:

  • Extract - Gives you exp which has been built up.
  • Press - For 10 gold you can directly obtain slave working experience for 1 hour
  • Drain- Use gold depends of hours left(10 g in a hour) to obtain all remaining working exp of the slave
  • Release - free your slave

Master and slave slave

When you become a slave you can:

  • Resist - Try to get freedom on your own.
  • Rescue - Ask for help sending request for each guild member once a day. It automatically attacks the master and if defeated you are freed.
  • Ransom - By paying 100 gold you get freedom (master gets 50 Coupons)
  • Interact - Interact with your master and earn EXP.