Ninjutsu Example

Main Stats


Increases Phys.ATK (1:1) and Phys.DEF


Increases HP


Increases Strategy.ATK  (1:1) and Strategy.DEF, Healing done (mainly used on supports and genjutsu users)


Increases speed (1:1)

Primary Stats

HP Amount of health you have
P.ATK Physical dmg done by Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Great Jutsu characters
P.DEF Reduces physical damage taken
Speed Determines your character speed (most useful in arena, as the player with bigger speed attacks first!)
Initial Fury Initial Fury your character starts with at the beginning of the battle. Default is 50. Fury jades boost it up. Each Fury point over 100 increase characters damage(Each 4 fury points over 100 = +1% damage)

Reduces damage taken from strategy attacks (from support and genjutsu users)


Damage done by genjutsu characters

Secondary Stats

Damage Rate Extra damage

(6 piece of set provides with extra damage rate) (Shadow fang and higher ranks increase with 2% more each rank up) 

Hit Rate Prevents enemy from dodging.
Crit Rate Critical hits do 1.5 times(150%) the normal damage.
S.ATK Rate Anti block; prevent from getting blocked.
Punch Rate Punch rate is a modifier which gives you the 'extra rounds' enhancement. On the following round of combat,
the ninja with the 'extra rounds' enhancement will attack with a attack depend on his fury (normal or ult) round following their initial attack.
Avoid-Injury Rate Avoid injury rate is a flat amount of damage reduction. Its the opposite of damage rate for characters.
Dodge Rate Dodge attack = No damage taken and no rage(Fury*) gained by enemy. But if dodge ult hit with debuff, it land on you.
Counter Rate Anti-critical, lowers the chances of being hit with crits.
Block Rate Blocks attack = Less damage is taken and counters back(does damage back to attacker).
Aid Rate Aid is a modifier which has two separate, beneficial functions.
  • The first function is it causes the ninjas to receive increases to beneficial spells, be they enhancements, or heals.
  • The second function is that any damage taken by a ninja with 100% aid rate will be spread equally among the ninjas in the formation.
  • The largest benefit of this is to spread damage that would be done solely to your assaulters to all ninjas, and will allow your healer to mitigate some damage through healing the vanguard.
Recovery Rate Increases amount cured. Total Cure = (DMG Rate+Recovery Rate)*Attack*FuryBonus*CritBonus(if proc)


*Fury is called Rage in the game.

Whenever you have 100 points, your ninja will use their special ability.

  • Each fury point above 100 = +0.25% base fury damage
  • The stronger the growth rate is the more powerful the fury boost is
  • Critical hits are calculated afterwards
  • One crit from a ninja rewards him with 100 fury instead of 50
  • Fury boost can crit also (45 bonus instead of 30 for Haku)
  • You will not gain any fury point if your target dodged your normal attack.
Example with Naruto (235% growth rate):
Base damage: 20057 / 30086 critical
100 fury: 47136 / 70704 critical
110 fury: 48315 / 72473 critical
130 fury: 50671 / 76007 critical
180 fury: 56563 / 84845 critical
195 fury: 58331 / 87496 critical